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With horoscopes, you are either proven right, or can hide behind the fact its just a little bit of fun. What's to lose? Two weeks ago, my dad sent me a text that read: “Mercury out of retrograde! Hopefully car will be sorted soon :))”. For those of you who don’t know, which I have to assume is the majority of you, when Mercury appears to be travelling backwards in the sky things like buses, trains, and in this case cars, will tend to go wrong. Forgetting to attach a document to an email, your bike getting a puncture, or being late to your tute three weeks in a row despite your best efforts, can also all be nicely attributed to a Mercury Retrograde. Or at least can be for me. Convenient, isn’t it? Now my dad is a rational, intelligent, middle-aged economist, who you would think might know better than putting his faith into something as silly as astrology. Most people don’t.

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