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But today Lauren Conrad finally debuted her baby bump and she looks absolutely adorable. Although we may be years and years away from having a bun in our oven, we are so excited to see the maternity outfits she curates, how Pinterest worthy her baby shower will be, and of course we wish the couple a safe and healthy baby on delivery day ! In Lauren Conrad fashion she debuted her baby bump on Instagram and her website, . Dressed in a striped maxi dress and a cream cardigan she posed looking down, smiling at her barely-therebaby bump. We cant wait to meet yourlittle bundle, Lauren! -XO Team LC Conrad announced on New Years Day that she and husband William Tell, were expecting and that 2017 was going to be the best year yet. Due to the fact that both Lauren and her blogs Managing Editor are both pregnant, expect to see a lot of baby content on In the mean time check out the teams top 10 favorite baby names ! Reblog

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