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What's been the reaction from politicians? Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party, whose opposition on Monday led to talks with the EU breaking down, said there was still "more work to be done" on the border issue and how it voted on the final deal would "depend on its contents". Barry Gardiner, Labour's international trade secretary, called the agreement on the Irish border issue a "fudge", saying Mrs May appeared to have contradictory red lines. His party wanted to see an agreement which harmed neither the settlement, nor the economic situation, he said. Justice minister Dominic Raab said the details of how to deal with the issue of the Irish border had still to be worked out in full. "You can call it strategic ambiguity, you can call it constructive ambiguity... what I am admitting to you, very openly, and honestly, is that we have agreed principles, but that the details still need to be ironed out on this very bespoke set of issues around Northern Ireland which can't be dealt with properly and responsibly outside of the context of the broader negotiation on customs and trade and all of those other things we have said all along," he told BBC 2's Newsnight. Leave campaigner Andrea Leadsom, leader of the Commons, said the overall deal was a "significant achievement" for the prime minister. "People on all sides of the argument are now seeing that she is determined and is succeeding in making a success of leaving the EU," she said. Fellow Leave campaigner Iain Duncan Smith said it had been fascinating to see the EU's reaction after failing to secure a deal in Brussels on Monday.

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